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<plugin name='mongodb-gridfs' version='0.4.beta' grailsVersion='2.0 &gt; *'>
<author>Sergei Yunzhakov</author>
<title>Mongodb Gridfs Plugin</title>
<description> The plugin includes can:
-- listing files
-- upload files
-- download files
-- remove files
-- grouped files for a parents id
-- support multi configure for level a servletContext, a user session, a requests or params
-- support multi database
-- connect a control access
-- get of a user dir icon for a extension file
-- makes a thumbnails for images
Plugins in use:
-- mongodb
-- burning-image
<repository name='grailsCentral' url='' />
<repository name='' url='' />
<repository name='' url='' />
<repository name='grailsCore' url='' />
<repository name='mavenCentral' url='' />
<dependencies />
<plugins />
<plugin name='mongodb' version='* &gt; 1.0.0.RC3' />
<plugin name='burning-image' version='* &gt; 0.5.0' />
<behavior />