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non7top commented Nov 14, 2011

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serghei commented Nov 14, 2011

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-- Commit Summary --

  • initial support of 3.5.13

-- File Changes --

M dev-libs/dbus-tqt/Manifest (4)
R dev-libs/dbus-tqt/dbus-tqt-3.5.13.ebuild (6)
D dev-libs/dbus-tqt/dbus-tqt-3.5.13_p1183307.ebuild (24)
M kde-base/kdelibs/Manifest (4)
R kde-base/kdelibs/kdelibs-3.5.13.ebuild (2)
M kde-base/tqtinterface/Manifest (4)
A kde-base/tqtinterface/tqtinterface-3.5.13.ebuild (34)
A profiles/repo_name (1)
A profiles/thirdpartymirrors (1)
M x11-libs/qt/Manifest (4)
R x11-libs/qt/qt-3.3.8d.ebuild (37)

-- Patch Links --

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non7top commented Nov 14, 2011

Not actually, just used that nice feature - pull request :)

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