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What's Changed

*Fix for set up ftp backups via GUI - incorrect name for ftp.backup.conf #2176
*FM: Archive unpacking error if such files already exist. (Error, was not extracted) #2179
*Fail2ban - delete records, long response #2169
*One ftp additional account per line #2170
*"No" for non-implemented plugins #2171
*FM: Fix for desktop devices with a small screen resolution #2175
*Upload progress bar for FM #2167
*Status bar for disk/bandwith #2166
*Error: invalid ip format :: undefined #2168
*turn off notifications cron - long response #2165
*Aliases not saved in new domains #2154
*Manual Database URL option is missing #2164
*Bug in UI Solved #2150
*Changing password for FTP user has no effect #2151
*Logs are not shown #2141
*A bike inside vesta package #2131
*Where is the external SSH backup option? #2136
*Problem whit Search in mail Menu not show result #2134
*обновление VestaCP 1.0.0 (X86_64) Релиз: 3 #2121
*list/server css style error - show inactive service as active #2116
*Problem with mobile version... Nothing no clickable... #2100
*The occupied space is indicated incorrectly on the user on header #2099
*Web logs show only one record (access,error) #2093
*i18n in Firewall edit error #2079

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  • Let's Encrypt v2 support
  • Wilcdard SSL LE support
  • Ubuntu 18.10 support
  • Updated i18n files
  • Improved server certificate management
  • Bugfixes
  • XSS security fix
  • API privilege escalation security fix
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Let's Encrypt for internationalized domains (IDN)
Softaculous Application Installer
Debian 9 support
Ubuntu 16.10 and 17.04 support
Korean, Urdu, Thai, Brazilian Portuguese, Serbian and Bulgarian language support
We've made 1478 commits
29 bugs closed / 141 pull requests merged