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Parsing error on directory named "bourdarie" (jsftp 0.5.5) #41

rweigel opened this Issue · 0 comments

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When I execute

var ftp = new Ftp({
    host: "",
    user: "anonymous",
    port: 21, // Defaults to 21
    pass: ""
});"/", function(err, files){
    if (err) return console.error(err);
    console.log(files); // Contains an array of file objects

The console shows

Unrecognized format:

This appears to be a problem with parsing the directory named "bourdarie". In the listing, I see that it has found a directory named "bourd" and not "bourdarie":

{ name: 'bourd',
type: 1,
time: 1302926400000,
size: '4096',
owner: '0',
group: '0',
userPermissions: { read: true, write: true, exec: true },
groupPermissions: { read: true, write: false, exec: true },
otherPermissions: { read: true, write: false, exec: true } },

@sergi sergi closed this in b60bc42
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