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reywood commented Jul 7, 2014

Currently, if an error is returned by getGetSocket, then get will still try to go ahead with the download. This can happen if an attempt is made to download a non-existent file, and will produce an exception such as:

      socket.on('readable', function() {
TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
    at /Users/sean.dwyer/ws/node_modules/jsftp/lib/jsftp.js:429:14
    at f (/Users/sean.dwyer/ws/node_modules/jsftp/node_modules/once/once.js:16:25)
    at Array.cmdCallback [as 1] (/Users/sean.dwyer/ws/node_modules/jsftp/lib/jsftp.js:461:23)
    at Ftp.parse (/Users/sean.dwyer/ws/node_modules/jsftp/lib/jsftp.js:249:13)
    at Ftp.parseResponse (/Users/sean.dwyer/ws/node_modules/jsftp/lib/jsftp.js:161:8)
    at Stream.<anonymous> (/Users/sean.dwyer/ws/node_modules/jsftp/lib/jsftp.js:132:24)
    at Stream.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:95:17)
    at ResponseParser.reemit (/Users/sean.dwyer/ws/node_modules/jsftp/node_modules/event-stream/node_modules/duplexer/index.js:70:25)
    at ResponseParser.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:95:17)
    at ResponseParser.<anonymous> (_stream_readable.js:746:14)

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sergi Jul 7, 2014


Thanks for reporting!


sergi commented Jul 7, 2014

Thanks for reporting!

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