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TrustSecSiCode: TrustZone-assisted SecureSilicon on a CoDesign Framework

Team number: XOHW18-133

Project name: TrustSecSiCode: TrustZone-assisted Secure Silicon on a CoDesign Framework

Date: 30 of June, 2018

Version of uploaded archive: 1.0

University name: Universidade do Minho

Supervisor name: Dr. Sandro Pinto

Supervisor e-mail:

Participant: Sérgio Pereira


Participant: José Martins


Board used: ZedBoard

Vivado Version: 2018.1

##Brief description of project:

Embedded systems were, for a long time, single-purpose and closed systems, characterized by hardware resource constraints and real-time requirements. Nowadays, their functionality is ever-growing, coupled with an increasing complexity and heterogeneity. Virtualization, which enables multiple operating systems (OSes) to run on top of the same hardware platform, is gaining momentum in the embedded systems arena, driven by the growing interest in consolidating and isolating multiple and heterogeneous environments. Programable System-on-chip (SoC) are becoming leading players in the embedded systems space, because the combination of a plethora of hard resources with configurable logic enables the efficient implementation of systems that perfectly fit the heterogeneous nature of embedded applications.

This work presents a hardware-software co-design framework for easing the economy of meeting the new generation of embedded systems requirements. Arm TrustZone technology is exploited to implement the root of trust of a virtualization-based architecture that allows the execution of a General Purpose Operating System (GPOS) side-by-side with a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). RTOS services were offloaded to hardware,so that we can present simultaneous improvements on performance and determinism. Instead of focusing in a concrete application, we provide a complete framework, specifically tailored for Zynq-base devices, that developers can use to accelerate a bunch of distinct applications across different embedded industries.

Link to YouTube Video(s):