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Spatial Flexible Continuous Time Markov Network (SFCTMN)
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Sergio Barrachina
Sergio Barrachina Power division in channel bonding
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Spatial Flexible Continuous Time Markov Network (SFCTMN)

Continuous Time Markov Network (CTMN) based framework for analyzing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) implementing Dynamic Channel Bonding (DCB) policies in spatially distributed scenarios, where WLANs are not required to be within the carrier sense range of each other. Details on the framework can be found at S. Barrachina-Muñoz, F. Wilhelmi, and B. Bellalta. Performance of Dynamic Channel Bonding in Spatially Distributed High Density WLANs. arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.00594, 2018.


Just Matlab is required.


  • Set the system WLANs' scenario and configuration in files wlans_input.csv, constants_script.m and system_conf.m.
  • Run main file main_sfctmn.m to display the analysis results. Add to the Matlab path any necessary files.
  • (*) New DCB policies may be defined in file apply_dsa_policy.m.

  • See an example scenario below


These slides by Francesc Wilhelmi contain a basic introduction to SFCTMN

You can contact me for any issue you may have when using the SFCTMN framework at


We are always open to new contributions. Just drop me an email at


This work has been partially supported by a Gift from the Cisco University Research Program (CG#890107, Towards Deterministic Channel Access in High-Density WLANs) Fund, a corporate advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

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