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An Pythonic alternative to John MacFarlane's pandocfilters, with extra helper functions
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Panflute: Pythonic Pandoc Filters

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panflute is a Python package that makes creating Pandoc filters fun.

For a detailed user guide, documentation, and installation instructions, see For examples that you can use as starting points, check the examples repo, the sample template, or this github search. If you want to contribute, head here.


To install panflute, open the command line and type:

pip install panflute

Python 2.7+, 3.3+, PyPy, and PyPy3 are supported.


pip uninstall panflute

Dev Install

After cloning the repo and opening the panflute folder:

python install : installs the package locally

python develop : installs locally with a symlink so changes are automatically updated

In addition, if you use python2, you need to pasteurize the code before running tests. In this directory, Run

# install pasteurize if you didn't have it yet
pip2 install -U future
pasteurize -wnj 4 .


Feel free to submit push requests. For consistency, code should comply with pep8 (as long as its reasonable), and with the style guides by @kennethreitz and google. Read more here.


BSD3 license (following pandocfilters by @jgm).

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