Node.js-based server for interaction with the SerGIS Web Client and Prompt Author
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SerGIS Server

The Node.js-based server for interaction with the SerGIS Web Client for the SerGIS Project


  • The server must have a recent version of node.js and npm (usually installed with node.js).
  • SerGIS Server has a few node.js dependencies; to install these, run npm install in a terminal in the root directory of the codebase.
  • Make sure the submodules in sergis-author and sergis-client are there (if you cloned the git repo, run git submodule init and/or git submodule update).
  • To run the required grunt tasks, grunt-cli must be installed. To do this, run: npm install -g grunt-cli
  • SerGIS Server requires a running MongoDB server. The path to the MongoDB server can be set in config.js.
  • Make sure to create the dist and uploads directories if you are using them for config.STATIC_DIR and config.UPLOADS_DIR (respectively). See config.js.

Configuring the Server

Before running the server, check the config file (config.js), and change any relevant configuration variables.

Starting the Server

  1. Run grunt dist to run cssmin and uglifyjs, or grunt to run those and jshint. (Running grunt is required to create the static files necessary for the server.)
  2. Run node server.js to see what you can do, or node server.js start to start the HTTP/socket server!


  • Add new access level: "Unlisted" (only shows up in game listings for game owner and admins, but anyone with the link can access)
  • Add ability to edit existing games (if either we own the game, or if we're an admin)
  • Add ability for admins to "impersonate" another user in the Author and see their unfinished (author) games
  • Add ability to "Remember Me" at login
  • Make server cope better with MongoDB crashing


Copyright (c) 2015, SerGIS Project Contributors. All rights reserved.
Use of this source code is governed by the MIT License, which can be found
in the LICENSE.txt file.

For more, see LICENSE.txt and CONTRIBUTORS.txt.