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Web app to check daily the profit you make with cryptocurrencies.
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Keep track of your crypto investments

JavaScript · React · Flux · JSX · NodeJS · MongoDB
Thanks to CoinMarketCap for providing the market data
Hosted on Heroku
Tested with Travis CI

Travis (.org)


PocketCap is an OpenSource web app that allows you to keep track of your investmentments in crypto currencies. It uses the CoinMarketCap API to get the market data and the prices for each coin. You can track your profit loss 💸 and see how each coin/token performs.

  • ❇️ No account needed
  • ❇️ Completly anonymous (not even Google Analytics)
  • ❇️ Open source
  • Features

    • Support for 2000 coins from CoinMarketCap
    • Auto refresh the prices
    • Calculates the profit and loss for each coin
    • Remember last created portfolio
    • Unique URL for each portfolio
    • Limit number of coins in 1 portfolio
    • Bookmark button
    • Table column sorting


    Please give it a try and let me know what's your feedback. I'm very open to discussions and suggestions, so feel free to write me an email or open an issue. PRs are very welcomed.


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