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Language switcher for a site content
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Yii2 language switcher

Yii has multi-language support, but there are not about content. Content, ordinary, should be on a different sites.

But, for blog, it's not convenient. Simpler translate right in place:

<p class='ru'>
  Текст на родном языке.
<p class='en'>
  Text in native language.

So, two classes have defined: .ru, .en. For current languge - ru-RU, will show html-tags with class .ru and tags with class .en cleaned up. If has pressed languge switcher, tags with .ru cleaned up and with .en shows.

Fields with a "short" length (e.g. "title"), language version divided by "/".

This approach is implemented in this little extension for two languages.

Languages can be arbitrary.


In app directory:

$ composer require sergmoro1/yii2-lang-switcher "dev-master"


Register widget in app - common/config/main.php:
return [
  'bootstrap' => [
  'modules' => [
    'langswitcher' => ['class' => 'sergmoro1\langswitcher\Module'],
  'components' => [
    'LangSwitcher' => ['class' => 'sergmoro1\langswitcher\widgets\LangSwitcher'],

Call widget in frontend/views/layouts/main.php or any other layout.

use sergmoro1\langswitcher\widgets\LangSwitcher;
<?= LangSwitcher::widget(); ?>

In menu place the switcher:

<?php echo Html::a('rus|eng', ['langswitcher/language/switch']); ?>

In a model should be provided getting data for current language. Behavior shoul be connected in a model /common/models/Post.php.

public function behaviors()
    return [
        'LangSwitcher' => ['class' => LangSwitcher::className()],

Post content can be shown in frontend/views/post/view.php

<?= $model->excludeByLanguage('content'); ?>

and title.

<?= $model->splitByLanguage('title'); ?>

Data to be displayed uniformly, including RSS, need in the model common/models/Post.php to define a method fields

public function fields()
    return [
        'id', 'author_id', 'slug',
        'title' => function ($model) { return $model->splitByLanguage('title'); },
        'content' => function ($model) { return $model->excludeByLanguage('content'); },
        'tags', 'status', 'created_at', 'updated_at', 

Static content

To apply the proposed approach to static pages, you need to pass the content through the filter of the excludeByLanguage(). This requires that frontend/controllers/SiteController inherits from controller defined in the extension.
use sergmoro1\langswitcher\controllers\Controller;

class SiteController extends Controller {

Remember that in the sitemap is also necessary to take into account the language version.

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