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File uploader. Upload multiple files at once. Resize and Crop images. File description.
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Yii2 module for image|file upload

Multiple uploading, sorting file collection by mouse, adding description for the file, cropping.


Photos by categories, photo gallery BEFORE | AFTER.


A common approach for working with uploading images or files in an application.

If the model needs images or files, it is enough:

  • to connect the behavior,
  • determine the subdirectory in which they will be stored,
  • define the desired image sizes and
  • the method that receives the files for the model.

For example common\models\User.php

namespace common\models;

use sergmoro1\uploader\behaviors\HaveFileBehavior;
use sergmoro1\uploader\models\OneFile;

class User extends ActiveRecord
    // sizes and subdirs of uploaded images
    public $sizes = [
        'original' => ['width' => 1200, 'height' => 1200, 'catalog' => 'original'],
        'main'     => ['width' => 400,  'height' => 400, 'catalog' => ''],
        'thumb'    => ['width' => 90,   'height' => 90,  'catalog' => 'thumb'],

     * @inheritdoc
    public function behaviors()
        return array_merge(parent::behaviors(), [
            'have-file' => [
                'class' => HaveFileBehavior::className(),
                'file_path' => '/files/user/',

     * @return array all files linked with the model
    public function getFiles()
        return OneFile::find()
            ->where('parent_id=:parent_id AND model=:model', [
                ':parent_id' => $this->id,
                ':model' => 'common\models\User',


Information about all uploaded files are stored in one table onefile. There is no need to define a field of type file in the model, which need files.

The files are uploaded and stored in the directory frontend/web/files. For each model subdirectories are possible. For example frontend/web/files/user.

In the subdirectory the files are arranged by users and sizes.

  • frontend/web/files/user/2
  • frontend/web/files/user/2/thumb
  • frontend/web/files/user/2/original

Where 2 is the user ID.

Sizes in an example are thumb, main, original. More sizes can be defined but those are must have.


The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

Either run

composer require --prefer-dist sergmoro1/yii2-uploader

or add

"sergmoro1/yii2-uploader": "^1.1"

to the require section of your composer.json.

Run migration.

php yii migrate --migrationPath=@vendor/sergmoro1/yii2-uploader/src/migrations

If you used a previous version sergmoro1\yii2-byone-uploader then run only the next migration.

php yii migrate --migrationPath=@vendor/sergmoro1/yii2-uploader/src/migrations/v1


To register the module in an app common/config/main.php.

'modules' => [
    'uploader' => [
        'class' => 'sergmoro1\uploader\Module',

If advanced template is used then before_web parameter should be defined. For example backend\config\params.php

return [
    'before_web' => 'backend',

For frontend or basic template no needed.


$model = User::findOne(2);

// get top thumb image of the model with image description
echo Html::img($model->getImage('thumb'), ['alt' => $model->getFileDescription()) ]);

// get top image of the model from main catalog
echo Html::img($model->getImage());

// get all images of the model from original catalog with image description
$image = $model->getImage('original');
while ($image) {
    echo Html::img($image, ['title' => $model->getFileDescription()]);
    $image = $model->getNextImage('original');

To do uploading place the widget in a form or any other view, for example backend/views/user/_form.php.

use sergmoro1\uploader\widgets\Uploader;

    <?= Uploader::widget([
        'model'       => $model,
        'draggable'   => true,
        'cropAllowed' => true,
        'limit'       => 5,
    ]) ?>

If image should be cropped, subdirectories original, main, thumb must to be defined.

May be uploaded any amount of files for one model but files amount can be limited by limit parameter of the widget.

Description of uploaded files

You can leave descriptions to the files. To do this in the form backend/views/user/_form.php (for example), in the already mentioned widget, you need to add the parameter appendeixView.

  <?= Uploader::widget([
    'model'        => $model,
    'appendixView' => '/user/appendix',
    'cropAllowed'  => true,
  ]) ?>

And add view backend/views/user/appendix.php the following content:

<span id='description'>
    <?= isset($file->vars->description) ? $file->vars->description : ''; ?>

Field description defined by default, but fields not limited.


cropAllowed (false)

If image should be cropped, original, main, thumb sizes must be defined in $sizes array of the model.

The cropping sizes are specified by the main directory where catalor parameter should be equal ''.

If this directory is set to square, then the remaining sizes will be square after cropping.

draggable (false)

If uploaded files should be swapped then in a getter getFiles() rows must be sorted by created_at.

public function getFiles()
    return OneFile::find()
        ->where('parent_id=:parent_id AND model=:model', [
            ':parent_id' => $this->id,
            ':model' => 'common\models\User',

allowedTypes ( [] )

To control files types on client side, ['image/pjpeg', 'image/jpeg', 'image/png', 'image/x-png', 'image/gif', 'image/x-gif']. Any if empty.

allowedTypesReg ( '/image\\/[jpeg|jpg|png|gif]/i' )

Server side control. Any if empty. Preferable way to check allowed types to upload.

appendixView ( '' )

View file name of additional fields for uploaded files. For ex. '/user/appendix'. See views/user/appendix.php.

minFileSize ( 0 )

Minimum file size in bytes. 0 for any.

maxFileSize ( 0 )

Maximum file size in bytes. 0 for any.

limit ( 0 )

Maximum amount of files to upload for one model. 0 for any.

secure ( true )

Ordinary extension require user authorization, but verification may be switched off.

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