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Selenium executing Chrome DevTools Protocol commands
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The project practices Java Selenium 4.0.x alpha release ChromiumDriver for executing the Chrome DevTools Protocol (cdp) commands (an entirely different set of API communicated to the Chrome browser family via POST requests to /session/$sessionId/goog/cdp/execute with API-specific payload) feature.


Override User Agent

One can call cdp protocol to invoke setUserAgentOverride method and dynmically modify the user-agent header during the test:

  import org.openqa.selenium.chromium.ChromiumDriver;

  ChromiumDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();
  By locator = By.cssSelector(".user-agent");
  WebElement element = driver.findElement(locato);
  assertThat(element.getAttribute("innerText"), containsString("Mozilla"));
  Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<String, Object>();
  params.put("userAgent", "python 2.7");
  params.put("platform", "Windows");
  driver.executeCdpCommand("Network.setUserAgentOverride", params);

  element = driver.findElement(locator);
  assertThat(element.isDisplayed(), is(true));
  assertThat(element.getAttribute("innerText"), is("python 2.7"));

demonstrates that the user-agent is indeed changing


The example shows alternative API to collect the cookies available to page Javascript

  Map<String, Object> result = driver.executeCdpCommand("Page.getCookies", new HashMap<String, Object>());
  ArrayList<Map<String, Object>> cookies = (ArrayList<Map<String, Object>>) result.get("cookies"); -> o.keySet()).forEach(System.err::println);

Capture Screenshot

  String result = driver.executeCdpCommand("Page.captureScreenshot", new HashMap<>());
  String data = (String) result.get("data");
  byte[] image = new (Base64()).decode(data);
  assertThat( ByteArrayInputStream(image)).getWidth(), greaterThan(0));
  (new FileOutputStream("temp.png")).write(image);

Note: some CDP API notably Page.printToPDF are not curently implemented:

unhandled inspector error: {"code":-32000,"message":"PrintToPDF is not implemented"}(..)

Selenum release dependency

It appears that the critical dependency jar of this project, selenium-chromium-driver only available for Selenum release 4.x. The selenium-chromium-driver is shown in interactive maven central repository search page.

Downport to Selenium 3.x

The devtools and chromium subprojects of selenium client of official seleniumhq/selenium project have no dependencies and can be cloned and built locally allowing one to use CDP API with Selenium 3.x e.g. Selenium 3.13.0. This is currently attempted this way in this project. Moving away form default 4.0.0.alpha maven profiles is a work in progress.

See Also


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.


Serguei Kouzmine

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