Morphia integration for Dropwizard
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Morphia integration for Dropwizard

Add Dependency

Create settings.xml in your project dir

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<settings xsi:schemaLocation=''
          xmlns='' xmlns:xsi=''>

Add dependency to pom.xml



Add the following to your Dropwizard Configuration class

private MongoConfiguration mongo;

public MongoConfiguration getMongo() {
    return mongo;

public void setMongo(MongoConfiguration mongo) {
    this.mongo = mongo;

Add the following to your Dropwizard Application class

private MorphiaBundle<ExampleConfiguration> morphiaBundle =
        new MorphiaBundle<ExampleConfiguration>(ExampleEntity.class) {
            protected MongoConfiguration getMongo(ExampleConfiguration configuration) {
                return configuration.getMongo();
public void initialize(Bootstrap<ExampleConfiguration> bootstrap) {

public void run(ExampleConfiguration configuration, Environment environment) throws Exception {
    Datastore datastore = morphiaBundle.getDatastore();

It is also possible to create an instance of MorphiaPackageBundle, which accepts package name as constructor parameter.

private static MorphiaPackageBundle<ExampleConfiguration> morphiaBundle = 
        new MorphiaPackageBundle<ExampleConfiguration>("some.package.with.entities", false) {
            protected MongoConfiguration getMongo(DummyConfiguration configuration) {
                return configuration.getMongo();


Minimal configuration requires the following

  type: uriConfig
  uri: ${MONGODB_URI}

Currently the only available type is uriConfig. A mongodb:// uri is used to connect to Mongo. dbName can be retrived from uri, if it is specified. Otherwise you'll have to set dbName inside mongo explicitly.

Available Morhpia settings:

  • storeNulls (boolean) Enables/disables storing null values in Mongo
  • storeEmpties (boolean) Enables/disables storing empty values in Mongo
  • enableValidationExtension (boolean) Add Hibernate Validator interceptor to Morphia
  • ignoreFinals (boolean) Specifies whether Morphia will ignore final fields
  • useLowerCaseCollectionNames (boolean) Specifies whether Morphia should use lowercase letters for collection names


Example app with a bit of Morphia usage is available here