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Node SerialPort Website

Working with serial ports can be hard, this is a collection of docs that make it easier.

Go to to learn more, find guides and api documentation.

Documentation Strategy

To provide api docs, guides and explanations to make using serial ports easier.

Versioned docs are for major versions of serialport and should be kept up to date with the latest version of the package.

New docs should be added to the /docs directory. Edit the versioned docs too if correcting mistakes.

Developing Docs

You can develop the docs by running with node v18

npm run start

And build them by running

npm run build

Note: Search doesn't work in development mode

Docs are automatically built with vercel including previews on branches. The master branch is deployed to

Cutting a new release will copy next to a version number.

npm run docusaurus docs:version 10.x.x


SerialPort packages are all MIT licensed and all it's dependencies are MIT licensed.

Code of Conduct

SerialPort follows the Nodebots Code of Conduct. While the code is MIT licensed participation in the community has some rules to make this a good place to work and learn.


  • Be respectful.
  • Abusive behavior is never tolerated.
  • Data published to NodeBots is hosted at the discretion of the service administrators, and may be removed.
  • Don't build evil robots.
  • Violations of this code may result in swift and permanent expulsion from the NodeBots community.

Governance and Community

SerialPort is currently employees a governance with a group of maintainers, committers and contributors, all fixing bugs and adding features and improving documentation. You need not apply to work on SerialPort, all are welcome to join, build, and maintain this project.

  • A Contributor is any individual creating or commenting on an issue or pull request. By participating, this is you.
  • Committers are contributors who have been given write access to the repository. They can review and merge pull requests.
  • Maintainers are committers representing the required technical expertise to resolve rare disputes.

If you have a PR that improves the project people in any or all of the above people will help you land it.