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title: Computer naming scheme
date: '2008-04-20T12:29:00.001+01:00'
modified_time: '2008-04-20T12:29:18.288+01:00'
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<p>While looking around for nice visual studio color schemes, I stumbled upon Commonality's <a href="">Naming your computers post</a>. I'm happy to know I'm not the only one doing that.</p> <p>All the computers in Caffeine IT are named on the theme of light. Here's a rundown.</p> <ul> <li>Luciole, Lueur: decomissioned machines I had when in France</li> <li>Aurore: A dell machine that I am now disposing off, mainly because I can't be bothered to rebuild it.</li> <li>Tinkerbell: my main dev laptop, MacBook Pro running Vista Ultimate.</li> <li>Photon: The MacBook Air running Vista Ultimate.</li> <li>Lumiere: The Sony TP1E that is the test machine for my yet to be released Vista media integration software, and connected to the big LCD screen. Only way to test 3-feet user experience is to set-up a machine with no keyboard and no mouse, relying only on the remote. Running Vista Home Premium.</li> <li>Blackhole: The custom-built Xeon machine that holds my dev environments and the multi-terabyte RAID5 array. Running Windows Server 2008 Core with Hyper-V</li> <li>Glimmer: The build server, web uat environment, and other bits and bobs (server 2008 Standard)</li> <li>Pulsar: The backup server (windows home server)</li> <li>Hubble: A video streaming server on Windows Server 2003 R2.</li> <li>RayOfLight: The iphone :)</li> </ul> <p>And before you ask, of course I need that many. :)</p>
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