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title: IIS and URL validation weirdness and links
date: '2008-05-03T21:33:00.001+01:00'
tags: [iis,]
modified_time: '2008-05-03T21:33:49.097+01:00'
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<p>In my <a title="Migrating to IIS7" href="">Migrating to IIS7</a> post, I highlighted that building REST frameworks that do meaningful things with Urls is hard on microsoft's platforms.</p> <p>I encourage you to go and read <a href=";postID=6928829058071396707">the comments left by Mike Volodarsky</a> on the issue. He's a Program Manager at Microsoft. Having people from the team building IIS7 responding to people like me highlighting issues shows how some teams really engage proactively with their customers. Kudos!</p> <p>The other team at Microsoft that understand REST a bit (and IMO the most out of all the teams working on this), is the Astoria team. And of course, because they do funky stuff with their URLs, <a href="">they hit the same issues as me</a>. So here's a link on <a href="">how to deactivate some of the checks does</a>. Nasty registry editing...</p> <p>I really wish could recognize when an IHttpHandler does not want validation and let it handle the request, its validation and etc.</p>