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layout: post
title: Updating Hyper-V to RTM
date: '2008-08-04T03:04:00.001+01:00'
modified_time: '2008-08-04T04:27:45.287+01:00'
comments: true
<p>As is usually the case when you’re under pressure to push a new release of an app for a client, something goes horribly wrong.</p> <p>What went wrong tonight is simple: my Server Core install was never updated to hyper-v RTM, but windows update did its job fine on one of the client VMs that also runs Server 2008. Suddenly, the whole server is down.</p> <p>Second install on the core install and still failing. I wonder how I’m going to apologize profusely to my client tomorrow. Oh the joy.</p> <p>[Update 03:22: License wasnt activated properly, trying yet another install…]</p> <p>[Update 04:05: Need my bed. Trying an uninstall of the role, followed by an update with the .msu. If that works I’ll reinstall the Hyper-V role tomorrow]</p> <p>[Update 04:13: Apparently uninstalling the role rebooted the machine which then updated itself on its won with the RTM version. Don’t know if I should cry or laugh. Reinstalling the role now (seeing as there’s one less boot as previously expected, I have a boot to spare)]</p> <p>[Update 04:27: All back in order, machines are up. Lost 6 hours of my life, less than impressed.]</p>