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title: Building a new server at RapidSwitch
date: '2008-09-21T16:25:00.001+01:00'
modified_time: '2008-09-21T16:25:11.552+01:00'
comments: true
<p>I’ve been on the lookout for a windows server 2008 server for quite a while, and have now selected one. The thing that surprised me in my search has been the complete lack of professionalism exhibited by some hosts on their websites.</p> <ul> <li>If you don’t tell me where your datacenters are, you probably don’t have datacenters and are just reselling.</li> <li>If you don’t provide your company details on every single of your pages (hint: uk limited companies *must* provide their company number, vat registration number, registered office and full name, including “limited” or “ltd”. <em>copyright midnight software</em> is *not* enough), I don’t know who you are and for all I know you don’t actually have a company.</li> <li>If you don’t provide an SLA, I do not trust you will apply it.</li> </ul> <p>So with all those, 90% of the hosts I found selling Server 2008 hosting were out. RapidSwitch seems to have had good reviews, so I just created an account, and have had two tickets in the last few hours telling me my server was now racked and the OS is installing, from a gent called Kyle. Although I am pretty sure Kyle is a bot, it’s still very nice to know what is going on. </p> <p>I’m going to keep this post open to give my feedback on their service as I use them. They are confident enough in their service to not tie you to a 12-month contract. Depending on how things go in the next couple of weeks, they'll probably sign me for 12 months or loose me. Kudos for leaving the customer in control.</p> <p>Roll Server 2008!</p>