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title: Porting the Suteki Shop to OpenRasta
date: '2008-09-24T13:32:00.001+01:00'
tags: [openrasta]
modified_time: '2008-09-24T13:32:03.713+01:00'
comments: true
<p>Mike Hadlow has just announced <a href="">the commercial release of Jump the Gun</a>, an online shop based on his Suteki Shop cms. Mike is an extremely bright guy that I’ve met quite a few times at various conferences, and he’s built it all on MVC.</p> <p>Because OpenRasta doesn’t have much of a documentation at the moment, and because it would be nice to have a comparison between the two systems, I’ve offered Mike to start porting Suteki to OpenRasta sometime over the weekend. The good news is that it will live side-by-side with the existing Suteki Shop. I’m leaning towards calling it Sutekool :) . And then we’ll be able to compare the performance and flexibility of both frameworks. I’ll porbably learn a lot in the process,</p> <p>Thanks Mike for the great work and for the opportunity of having the first side-by-side comparison of MVC and OpenRasta! Now if we had someone porting it to monorail, we could have a real overview of what the .net MVC world has to offer.</p>