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title: Being in a printed program again
date: '2008-10-10T00:54:00.001+01:00'
redirect_from: "blog/2008/10/09/being-in-printed-program-again/"
tags: [conferences,ddd]
modified_time: '2008-10-10T00:54:07.175+01:00'
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<p>I just got confirmation that you voted for one of my sessions for DDD. I’m thrilled! It’s going to be an absolute pain to write the material needed to get what I want out of it, but the community and the people attending will choose the content, which I am very excited about.</p> <p>And on the same level of excitement, the VBUG annual conference will be receiving yet another game of Bingo with me delivering a more polished version of the MVC talk I gave in London and Brighton.</p> <p>The interesting bit about the VBUG conference is the printed agenda. I need to get a proper speaker picture, because the one I gave looks dreadful. Actually, the picture is alright, but I look dreadful :)</p> <p>Seeing my face on that leaflet reminded me of the leaflets I received for various conferences I attended and spoke to, on peer-to-peer networks, back in 2000.</p> <p>Interesting how life can seem like a rollercoaster sometimes, but is all but cyclic. You raise, you fall, you learn. I’ve been truly blessed in 2008 to meet fantastic people and go back in the speaking circuit, meeting countless amazing people and working on exciting things.</p> <p>All this just to thank the people that listen to my rants when I give talks, the London .net User Group for getting me back in the speaking mood and giving everyone the opportunity to do it, the absolutely brilliant community we have in the UK, to the crowd, to the non crowd, and even to the Entity Frameworks proponents :)</p>