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title: A birthday and looking back on my digital life
date: '2008-11-19T13:55:00.001Z'
modified_time: '2008-11-19T13:55:58.588Z'
comments: true
<p>So it’s my birthday today. Every year until this now, my birthday has be the time for doing absolutely nothing. As I geared-up my community involvement this year, I find myself with so much to do and so little time that my birthday will be an after-thought this evening. Editing of content (7 hours of raw HD material to cut, compress, publish, of which I have only started), preparation of a talk next week, publication of a detailed guide for OpenRasta’s official launch (including delivering on my plan to port the Suteki project), a backburner project for Paris… And so far no contract in London, with agents driving the prices down and a global recession that is starting to ripple its effects through non-financial companies.</p> <p>So I thought I’d celebrate the year by looking through my blog entries and twitters to provide for myself a roadmap of what I’ve done right and wrong.</p> <h5>2007</h5> <p>Had issues with a <a href="">company</a> and a <a href="">manager</a> with which I didn’t manage to work. Lesson learnt from it, there is a right time to move on and a right place to be efficient. Started a long rant on <a href="">mocks and their uses</a>, trying (poorly) to debunk the ideas that mocks were always better than fakes, and that there was a life outside of mocking frameworks. However, with the latest mocking framework syntaxes and new defaults, the problem will slowly go away.</p> <h5>2008</h5> <p>Spent a lot of time <a href="">comparing and pondering how to provide data</a> for the very poor http client called flash. Attended the <a href="">first UK conference</a> and felt so much more energized than I have been in years. Started <a href="">giving presentations in user groups</a>. Started working on the <a href="">first version of Rasta</a> that would lead me to write OpenRasta. Predicted that <a href="">skydrive and foldershare (now WL Sync) would interop</a> through the Sync framework (but Live Mesh doesn’t use skydrive yet, so this is not realized just yet). Organized the <a href="">first beers event</a>. <a href="">Changed my relationship to code</a> by switching my desktop to 30”. <a href="">Started using twitter</a> (and it’s all <a href="">@CAMURPHY</a>’s fault).Went to <a href="">NxtgenUG Fest08</a>. Made a point of supporting Linq2Sql and <a href="">ignore Linq2Entities</a>. <a href="">Gave</a> <a href="">more</a> <a href="">talks</a>. Went to Mix:UK, PDC, VBUG, TechEd…</p> <p>&#160;</p> <p>And I’m&#160; not including all the stuff I didn’t blog about. Very busy year indeed. And yet I feel I’ve pretty much under-achieved. So I take the public vow here to try harder. 5 year plan etc etc.</p>