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title: ' Beers #5 – 12th of January (yes, I know it’s next Monday…)'
date: '2009-01-07T23:30:00.001Z'
tags: [user-groups, altnetbeers]
modified_time: '2009-01-07T23:32:59.994Z'
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<p>With all the festive excitements, I really thought I had announced this when I put the date down on <a href=""></a> but I obviously didn’t.</p> <p>So as (nearly) every months, we’ll be holding our monthly meeting in Soho next Monday, with tester extraordinaire and dynamic language addict <a href="">Ben Hall</a>. Please register on <a title="" href=""></a> so I know how many of you to expect. We also usually wait for everyone to have arrived before starting, and if you’re not on the list we can’t start!</p> <p>The format is a mini openconf-style session. Here are the rules, slightly changed to learn from the previous event.</p> <ul> <li>Arrivals, discussion and socializing between 18:00 and 19:15, with one necessity: <strong>find the topic of the day </strong>and <strong>find the questions that we will try to answer</strong>. </li> <li>Between 19:15 and 19:30 we will vote on the subject we want to talk about, in two rounds, by raising hands.</li> <li>At 19:30 the big clock will start ticking for a time-boxed 60 minutes workshop on the subject. The goal is simple: <strong>can we as a group get insight and progress our understanding of the problem</strong></li> <li>If the subject stales, the subject can switch to a new one, the second down in the list of votes.</li> <li>At 20:30 the clock will ring and that will be it of the conversation. We’ll do a roundtable of each person where I’ll be asking you to <strong>decide of an action you’re going to take</strong> based on the discussion (something new we didn’t do until now).</li> <li>Then everyone will write it down for wiki publication, everybody will be able to continue the discussion in the pub or wherever they see fit. </li> </ul> <p>The location</p> <p>We should be able to hold our reunion at the Tequilla lounge bar, <a href="">like last time</a>. I’ll have confirmation tomorrow, and if not I’ll announce here a new location.</p>
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