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layout: post
title: Agile and Scrum failure stories
date: '2009-02-07T08:36:00.001Z'
tags: [agile-goes-bad]
modified_time: '2009-02-07T08:36:22.705Z'
comments: true
<p>Dear fans and readers,</p> <p>I’ve now started writing a talk entitled <em>Top tips to ruin your agile process</em>. It is my intent to run the audience through the worst things that could happen to a team when they implement agile.</p> <p>I have a fair share of miserable failures at turning (or keeping) a team agile, but I am now asking you to help me. Everyone has failed once or&#160; more in being agile, and I hereby plead for you to give me your horror story.</p> <p>Feel free to do so below, the comments can be made anonymously :)</p> <p>Thanks!</p>