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layout: post
title: Speaking Agenda
date: '2009-03-02T11:47:00.001Z'
tags: [, ddd]
modified_time: '2009-03-26T13:47:05.992Z'
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<p>It’s been an exciting weekend. Thanks to a few prople with webcams, those of us that weren’t in Seattle have been able to follow some of the discussions at the <a href=""> seattle conf</a> and <a href="">discuss about them</a>. You can see the recordings yourself from <a href="">Ben</a> and from <a href="">Scott</a>. Makes not being in Seattle nearly bearable.</p> <p>The great other news is that you have voted for my <em> MVC best practices</em> talk at both <a href="">DDD Belfast</a> on the 4th of April and <a href="">DDD Scotland</a> on the 2nd of May!</p> <p>Here’s a recap of where I’ll be in the next few months:</p> <ul> <li>3rd April – <a href="">Agile Belfast</a> - When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward </li> <li>4th April – <a href="">DDD – Belfast</a> – MVC best practices </li> <li>15th April – <a href="">VistaSquad – London</a> – MVC Introduction (although this may integrate parts of the best practices talk) </li> <li>18th April – WebDD 09 – Reading – MVC best practices </li> <li>22nd April – <a href="">Gl-net</a> – Gloucester - When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward </li> <li>2nd May – <a href="">DDD – Glasgow</a> – MVC best practices </li> <li>5th May – VBUG – London – Discovering OpenRasta </li> <li>11th May – <a href="">SkillsMatter’s Progressive .NET workshop</a> – London – OpenRasta, an MVC Framework <br /><em>While MVC frameworks are gaining acceptance in the .net world, few leverage the full richness of web technologies. OpenRasta was designed from the ground-up to embrace them, while providing for a very large amount of extensibility. In this workshop, you'll learn what resources are, how to design your code around them and how to leverage REST.</em> </li> <li>14th May – <a href="">SkillsMatter’s WebTech Exchange</a> – London – <em>REST, an introduction</em>, followed by <em>REST ARCHITECTURES WITH OPENRASTA</em> </li> </ul> <p>There you go. June should hopefully see me going a bit more around the country. If you want me to speak at one of your user groups, hint at your UG leader ;-)</p>
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