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title: Summer speaking schedule, AltNetBeers, the conference, oh my!
date: '2009-05-21T17:25:00.001+01:00'
tags: [conferences, user-groups, ldnug, altnetbeers, nxtgenug]
modified_time: '2009-06-07T12:01:19.429+01:00'
comments: true
<p>Wow, who would’ve thought the first conference season would’ve been so intense! I had an absolute blast meeting people, presenting, chatting away and drinking nice beers with so many interesting people! WebDD, DDD Scotland and DDD Belfast have been a blast!</p> <p>I also realize that I’ve delivered all the talks and workshops I announced in my last schedule, so time for an update, both on my talks and on the interesting conferences and events that are being organized.</p> <ul> <li><em>Thursday 28th May – London (<a href="">DNUG</a>) <br /></em>Presenting <strong>WebForms vs. MVC</strong>, with my dear friend <a href="">Phil Winstanley</a> </li> <li><em>Wednesday 17th June <br /></em>Organizing <strong><a href="">AltNetBeers #8</a> </strong>(Glass House in Soho) </li> <li><em>Tuesday 23nd June – Bracknell (<a href="">VBUG</a>)&#160;&#160; <br />Wednesday 24th June – Cork (<a href=";eventId=154">IT@cork</a>)&#160;&#160; <br />Thursday 25th June – Dublin (Agile Ireland)</em> <br />Presenting <strong>When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward</strong> </li> <li><em>Tuesday 14th July – Nuneaton (VBUG)</em> <br />Presenting <strong>When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward</strong> </li> <li><em>Thursday 15th July – London (Skills Matter – exchange) <br /></em>Presenting <strong>What OpenRasta does other frameworks can’t</strong> </li> <li><em>Friday 31st July – Sunday 2nd August <br /></em><strong>The <a href=""> conference weekend</a></strong> with the <a href=""><strong>AltNetBeers #10 – Conf edition</strong></a> I’m organizing </li> <li><em>Monday 17th August – Coventry (<a href="">NxgGenUG</a>) <br /></em><strong>@serialseb’s MVC Best Practices</strong> </li> <li><em>Wednesday 19th August – London (<a href="">The Edge User Group</a> – formerly known as VistaSquad) <br /></em><strong>When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward</strong> </li> </ul> <p>There you go. May have more to announce if things happen, or may not, but it’s going to be a busy summer!</p>