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title: NHibernate and OpenRasta frenzy in Aarhus, Denmark
date: '2009-08-11T17:00:00.001+01:00'
tags: [nhibernate, openrasta, training]
modified_time: '2009-08-11T17:00:04.097+01:00'
comments: true
<p>On a very positive note, I’ll be delivering Skillsmatter’s <a href="">NHibernate course</a> in Aarhus, Denmark, from the 26th to the 28th of August. </p> <p>I’m also discussing with some guys to get an <a href="">OpenRasta</a> presentation there so you can hear what the fuss is all about.</p> <p>And I’ll take the Saturday to visit Copenhagen, as it would be a shame not to. If some people are available Saturday we can meet for a beer and a chat.</p> <p>First time in Denmark, I’m quite excited!</p>