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title: Announcing the “20 days to OpenRasta” project
date: '2010-02-04T10:56:00.001Z'
tags: [openrasta]
modified_time: '2010-02-04T10:56:18.600Z'
comments: true
<p>As some of you already know, I’m very excited that <a href="">OpenRasta</a> is being presented at <a href="">Mix10 in Vegas</a> by none other than the talented <a href="">Kyle Baley</a>. As I’ve not realised the 2.0 RTM bits yet, I thought it’d be great if we could release a fresh 2.0 RTM build for the occasion.</p> <p>This is a call to action to the users, adorers and believers: OpenRasta needs you!</p> <p>In the next 20 days, starting from this Friday, let’s try and all commit some of our time to OpenRasta in one way or another. There’s a lot to be done and focused on, from the new web site, to updates to the code base, to enhancing the documentation. </p> <p>To participate, just <a href="">join the mailing list</a>, find something interesting you’d like to be doing, and commit to work on it on a certain day.</p> <p>On top of that, from this weekend, I’ll be organizing a code-a-thon on either day, with anyone that cares to join me for a day of pure pair programming coding on some of the OpenRasta code-base. Want to see extensible authentication done? Donate your day, we’ll have coffee and lunch and lots of code! Not in London? We’ll use Skype. No excuse!</p> <p>As for me, I hereby promise to start posting a videocast a day for 20 days. Provided we have somewhere to host the videos and someone can help out with the encoding!</p> <p>I’ll update this post with all the commitments that were made to help get a new release out of the door in time for Mix.</p>