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layout: post
title: Why I haven’t blogged about OpenWrap yet.
date: '2010-05-19T19:36:00.001+01:00'
tags: [openwrap]
modified_time: '2010-05-19T19:45:40.208+01:00'
comments: true
<p>Because it’s not ready and I haven’t announced it yet.</p> <p>I showed the state of the code-base at the workshop, to gather feedback from smart people. There was good feedback, and the latest architectural change happened the night before, so I’m still coding.</p> <p>I’m doing it in the open, you can have a look at the code but I won’t link to it.</p> <p>But please, please, to some of you, get off my back! If you think your package manager is better, good, I’m glad you found a tool you like.&#160; If you think the project is a bad idea because yours is better, please commit some code and show us the money.</p> <p>Until I’ve officially announced the project, I’d be quite happy not dealing with all the negativity that has come my way since Rob’s post.</p> <p>Kthxbye.</p>