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2011-06-18 21:16:30 +0000
What’s new in OpenWrap 2.0?

[Update: I’ve bumped the version number to 2.0. After discussing on twitter with people, it seems much more in spirit with and the vast amount of new features / breaking API changes this version contains. I’ve also added some notes on reliability, as a huge amount of work went into making OpenWrap more reliable than ever before.]

I’ve been rather quiet lately, at least on this blog. If you look over on the OpenWrap repository, you’ll see however a whole lot of activity and a lot of features coming together nicely for what is going to be a massive release.

So here’s what you can expect in OpenWrap 2.0. Note that I’ll blog and link to each of those features one by one over time, so take it as a bit of a teaser.

  • Reliability improvements

  • A new remote repository architecture

    • Multiple publishing endpoints

    • Persisted authentication

    • OpenWrap Publishing Protocol

    • TeamCity integration

  • Configuration

    • Proxy configuration
  • Scopes

  • Templates

  • Solution plugins

    • Improved ReSharper integration

    • ReSharper plugins

  • Command system improvements

    • UI Commands
  • Package improvements

    • Flavours

    • NuGet tunneling

  • Build improvements

    • Build-time tools

    • MSBuild extensibility points

  • More project types supported

  • Full support for Mono

I’m probably missing a bunch of things, but there you go. In the next couple of days / weeks, I’ll be pushing new test versions and blogging about all of those great features.