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It was only yesterday that I announced the start of the kickstarter project on twitter.

You heard it here first, fund my "Practical ReST" book now on kickstarter:…

— serialseb (@serialseb) April 11, 2013
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I am amazed at the response so far and have great hopes that we'll reach the target and much more! So I'm kicking myself into gears. Next week I should post a little video on the kickstarter site and a draft table of content.

For those ordering the deluxe edition, there is going to be an added benefit. You will not only be in the credits, you will also make the cover with a picture of your choice! And there may still be more surprises in-store for you.

Finally, my good friend Charlotte has accepted to be the editor for the book, and will be a tremendous help to ensure all Ts are dotted and Is are crossed!