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Blogging once a day

My good friend Mark Rendle mentioned at NDC London that he had as a new year resolution to blog once a day, and that it lasted 3 days. As it happens, I gave myself the same goal: try to find something useful to write about every day. It may not be a full blog post every time, and I do have a queue of drafts and a couple of series in the pipeline, but it has to be every day.

The reason is simple: to write often is to write better, and to have the habit of writing is to have the habit of sharing my thoughts and ideas more effectively. It's also a great way to restart my writing projects that some of you may remember. Last time I failed because I blocked too easily, and that effectively prevented me from writing. Life got in the way, which did not help.

Here's a question for you: should I publish during work days only, or is a blog post on Saturdays and Sundays still of value? My current analytics tell me that most of you are actually reading stuff on weekends... Let me know in the comments!