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A Serilog sink that writes events to the Splunk. Supports .NET 4.5+, .NET Core, and platforms compatible with the .NET Platform Standard net45, netstandard1.1, netstandard2.0.

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Package - Serilog.Sinks.Splunk

Getting started

To get started install the Serilog.Sinks.Splunk package:

PM> Install-Package Serilog.Sinks.Splunk


$ dotnet add package Serilog.Sinks.Splunk

If using the TCP or UDP sinks install the following packages

  • TCP: Serilog.Sinks.Splunk.TCP
  • UDP: Serilog.Sinks.Splunk.UDP

To start using the Splunk Event Collector (Splunk 6.3 and above), logging can be setup as follows.

var log = new LoggerConfiguration()
    .WriteTo.EventCollector("https://mysplunk:8088/services/collector", "myeventcollectortoken")

If using appsettings.json for configuration the following example illustrates using the Event Collector and Console sinks.

    "Serilog": {
        "Using": ["Serilog.Sinks.Console", "Serilog.Sinks.Splunk"],
        "MinimumLevel": "Information",
        "WriteTo": [{
                "Name": "Console"
                "Name": "EventCollector",
                "Args": {
                    "splunkHost": "http://splunk:8088",
                    "eventCollectorToken": "00112233-4455-6677-8899-AABBCCDDEEFF"
        "Properties": {
            "Application": "Serilog Splunk Console Sample"

More information about Serilog is available on the wiki.

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Serilog is copyright © 2013-2016 Serilog Contributors - Provided under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Needle and thread logo a derivative of work by Kenneth Appiah.