Community Projects

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What are community projects?

Community projects extend Serilog with new features and integrate it with other libraries and frameworks.

Available projects

Logo Name Description
Destructurama Destructurama! Extends Serilog's complex type destructuring with attribute support, custom policies, and framework/language-specific integrations.
Nancy.Serilog Nancy plugin for application-wide logging using Serilog.
NServiceBus.Serilog NServiceBus.Serilog Adds support for sending NServiceBus logging messages through Serilog.
SerilogMetrics SerilogMetrics SerilogMetrics extends the logging framework with measure capabilities like counters, timers, meters and gauges.
SerilogWeb SerilogWeb Integrates Serilog request logging into popular .NET web app frameworks including ASP.NET and OWIN.
Suave.SerilogExtensions Suave (F# web framework) logging integration.
Serilog.Settings.Delegates Configuration extensions using delegates
Giraffe.SerilogExtensions Dead simple library to integrate Serilog within Giraffe or Saturn apps with F#
Serilog.Enrichers.ExcelDna Enriches Serilog events with information from your Excel-DNA Add-in.

Can I list my project?

Yes! Please drop us a line via the Serilog issue tracker and we'll add it here. If you're building a sink, it'll probably belong on the Provided Sinks page instead.

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