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Google Container Engine presentation and demo with a simple web app written in Go.
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This repo hosts a tutorial on how to get started with Google Container Engine (GKE). It goes through setting up all the way to blue/green deployments using Kubernetes Deployments instead of the old replication controllers.

Slides - Quick Link

Go Talks Slides Link

Slides - Using Present Tool

Slides are using the Golang Present tool which can be installed into your GOPATH with:

go install

Then to execute the slides:

cd slides
./ is a bash shorthand for executing the main.slide file with the present tool.

Go Code

There are two main Go programs here that can also be executed via the slides.

  1. API web application in main.go which hosts a health and a version endpoint
  2. Watcher app which does an HTTP GET at a designated endpoint every 2 seconds and outputs the values

The API application is meant to be built into a docker container and then pushed to Google Container Registry (GCR)

The watcher application is meant for demonstrating Kubernetes' blue/green deployment (see the slides).


This repo uses K8's deployments. The preferred way to manage these now is through a package manager such as Helm.

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