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serverless@beta ping pong bot for Slack commands
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Quick Reference

  • username: pi
  • password: On the general channel topic on Slack
  • Slack:

Pi Info

  • Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspian Linux
  • Camera Module NOIR v2
  • Node Version Manager with Node.js installed
  • Python 2.7
  • OpenCV 2.4.9


ssh pi@ipaddress

To get a file over SCP if you're remoting in: scp pi@ipaddres:/path/to/image.jpg /local/path/image.jpg

Existing Code

cd ~/pongbot/pibot

The serverless code and the code to run on the pi is available at this GitHub repo: git clone

Get a image/video from the camera

Raspbian has a built in quick access to get to the camera module. To capture an image just run: raspistill -o image.jpg

If the image is flipped around we can do: raspistill -vf -hf -o image.jpg

Using OpenCV code in /pongbot/pibot/ python

To get a video stream: python

Serverless Code

The top level of this structure is using serverless framework. Install using npm install -g serverless@beta. The bot will be attached as a custom command integration on the Slack channel.

Deploy Entire Solution

npm install npm run build serverless deploy

Deploy Function

serverless deploy function --function (your function name)

Develop Locally

Create all vision programs using the same python version and OpenCV version as the Pi. The only thing that you will need to change is the camera initialization function from your webcam to the PiCamera python class. See the for examples.


A certificate will be installed on the Pi in ~/certs to talk to IoT.

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