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Creates unified diff emailers for GitHub Push events using Serverless architecture on AWS
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This generates a unified diff email for GitHub's WebHooks in the Settings page of the repositories. It handles the default Push events only.

This is built using Serverless which works ontop of AWS API Gateway and Lambda.


  • AWS Account with privileges to create IAM Roles, Lambda Functions and API Gateway Endpoints
  • AWS Profile Configured
  • NPM and Node.js

Getting Started

  1. Install Serverless npm install serverless -g
  2. Clone the this repository
  3. Run serverless project init inside the project directory
  4. cd into the lambda function github-push-notification folder and run npm install
  5. Modify the github-push-notification/config.json file to match your requirements
  6. Deploy using serverless dash deploy
  7. Log onto the AWS Console and go to API Gateway. Grab the ARN URL for the github-push-notification post endpoint and put that into the GitHub Webhook Settings page

If you modify the template and want to just update the function simply run: serverless function deploy

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