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>>Fix for 'non set' asset bases<<

I cannot reproduce the failure you are getting - howevery your change may also prevent your experienced error for others who are using the addon. Thanks for your contribution!
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GroupBoundAssets fix for non set asset bases Jul 3, 2018 Update May 18, 2018


addon for


As soon as this plugin is installed cockpit will look up the current (logged in) user's group when he opens the assets browser and will only show asset-files uploaded by his/that group. Assets that have been uploaded by users of foreign groups will not be shown to the current user in the assets-view.


  • check what happens when a user does not have a group (think this may happen and cause failures)
  • add a hook to the assets view/list that makes the assets list at least show the creator's group (perhaps later more)


The "GroupBoundAssets" directory (which is next to the goes to your /cockpit/addons/ folder so that the bootstrap.php ist directly beneath /cockpit/addons/GroupBoundAssets/

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