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Don't write that switch again.

Are you tired of writing the same Ajax handler code over and over again on your each project? There are always the same steps and same problems, is it handling headers correctly? Will it work with jQuery? Status Codes? JSONP?

Well, I've collected all the code pieces together and created the AjaxHandler. It's a very simple PHP Class which you can inherit and create your own Ajax handlers easily.


Here is a list of features Ajax Handler provides

  • Unified Output Your every Ajax request will produce a standard JSON output, so your client code will be simpler and understandable. Outputs are only handled by ::error and ::success methods, You'll never have to use json_encode when outputting.
  • Error Handling AjaxHandler will automatically catch exceptions and PHP errors and handle them for you. You can customize error messages and changes status codes
  • JSONP Support Ajax handler will automatically handle requests with callback parameters, you can customize the callback name and type
  • Clean Code Object Oriented design will let you easily tear apart your code into separate files, This is especially good for Backbone like MVC projects
  • Stats Ajax handler will keep duration of your each request and return it to you, so you can easily measure your codes performance
  • Very Simple Code Ajax Handler's code is very simple and you can easily customize it according to your needs.
  • It's All Free Ajax Handler is an MIT licensed piece of code so you can use it own your own projects

Here is a very basic example of AjaxHandler in Use lets say this is person.php

include "AjaxHandler.php";
class Person extends AjaxHandler{
     * Private function will not be accessed from outside
     * @return Mongo Collection
    private function getMongo(){
        $m = new Mongo();
        $db = $m->selectDB('main');
        $cl = $db->selectCollection('people');
        return $cl;

     * All I write here is the code
     * I didn't write anything to handle output
     * If the code gives an exception, ajax 
     * handler will return error, If Everything is successfull
     * Standart success message will be returned
     * @return [type] [description]
    public function createPerson(){
        $db = $this->getMongo();
        $result = $cl->save(array(
            "name" => $this->get('name'),
            "age"  => $this->get('age')
     * Here is the code for handling your own messages
     * @return [type] [description]
    public function getPersonDetails(){
        $db = $this->getMongo();

        $cursor = $db->fetch(array('name' => $this->get('name')));

        if($cursor->count() === 0){
            // Will produce an error
            // {"success": false, "error": "Person cannot be found"}
            $this->error('Person cannot be found');
            // Will giveout a JSON success message
            // {
            //   "success": true, 
            //   "details":{"name":"john", "age":"29"}, 
            //   "message":"Operation successful"
            // }

You can make requests with jQuery easily

      action: 'createPerson',
      name: 'john',
      age: 29
    complete: function(res){
            alert('User Saved');
            alert('Error: '+ res.error);

I'll write a more detailed documentation soon.


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