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Content Metadata API

Entkenntnis edited this page May 18, 2020 · 2 revisions

We offer an export of metadata for all learning content on
(There is a separate API for the content itself.)


Data Explanation

  • titel: titel of the article
  • description: is generated from the first sentences of the content
  • guid: a number to unambiguously identify all content provided by Serlo
  • keywords: the keywords are not yet very meaningful in consistently linking to an article
  • categories: topic-paths and curriculum-paths leading to the article
  • lastModified: date of the most recent change
  • revisionCount: number of adaptations that have been processed until now
  • authorCount: number of authors that have been involved until now

Quality assurance

revisionCount and authorCount can be used as indicators for the quality of our content. By using e.g. revisionCount:5+ and authorCount:2+, new articles and articles with few authors involved can be filtered out.