All sermons in static JSON files sorted per scripture, preacher and topic
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LICENSE.txt (Audio API)

What is this all about

This is a very basic static API set of json files, that will give you access to all of the sermons from sermonindex

How Does it Work?

Get an index of any of the areas with the _sermonindex.json file in that peticular folder as it will serve as a quick guide to access all the content of that area. Once you have that index, you can access any of the sermon bundles to finaly get all the sermon data.

Getting the sermon index

get the speakers listing

// github
// sermonindex
// your own clone

get the scripture listing

// github
// sermonindex
// your own clone

get the scripture listing of one book

// github
// sermonindex
// your own clone

get the topical listing

// github
// sermonindex
// your own clone

The returned json index will give you a paths to the sermons, you will need to prepend the URL that you would like to use, for example:

With this path speaker/leonard_ravenhill.json

if you are using gitHub


your own domain (clone)

How to clone/use this repository on your own server/website

we prefer you doing this as it spreads the load a little, to insure this project remains fast and stable.

So you open the root foulder of your website, and make sure you don't have any other folder called audio in it alread, if you do, then change the target folder in the clone command to a name like audio_api so to insure that it does not conflict with existing folders.

$ git clone audio

Remember to update the API atleast once a month, as we are also constantly working on improving the API, and so to insure that all your links work, run a git pull origin master inside the audio (target) folder. This will update the whole API with all the new changes and improvements.

How to manually run an update (remember to set the path)

$ cd /home/path_to/public_html/audio/
$ git pull origin master

If you would like to automate these updates via a cronjob, read this post for some guidance.

Support this project

With over 100 million sermons distributed in 10 years of ministry, SermonIndex has touched an countless amount of believers. Since the inception of SermonIndex we have sought as best as possible to not make specific needs known for the ministry. Our trust is in God for what He desires this ministry to accomplish, till the coming of the Lord.