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Overview of popular imageboard software
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List of BBS scripts

Overview of popular imageboard software


Name Language/Stack Comments Notable deployments
LynxChan NodeJS + MongoDB All functionality exposed via JSON based RPC LynxHub
Vichan PHP + MySQL Fork of Tinyboard Brchan
NPFChan PHP + MySQL Fork of Vichan Wizardchan, MLPol
Infinity-next PHP + MySQL Rewrite of infinity, built on the Laravel
Meguca Go + NodeJS + PgSQL Real-time features Meguca

Various other

Name Language/Stack Comments Notable deployments
Open-IB PHP + MySQL fork of infinity 8chan
Livechan-js NodeJS + MongoDB live IRC like imageboard written in NodeJS Kotchan
Minichan PHP + MySQL Modern textboard Minichan
Iyagi-bbs Python + RDMBS Simple textboard
4taba Python + PgSQL Python imageboard
Cutechan Go + NodeJS + PgSQL Fork of Meguca
FoolFooka PHP + MySQL imageboard with front-end interface for Asagi
Lapis-chan Lua + Docker imageboard written in Lua by the Lapis web framework
Weabot Python + MySQL Fork of PyIB BaI
Wakarimasen Python + SQLAlchemy Python imageboard Desuchan
4jhan NodeJS + RDMBS Board engine only (JSON-based server-client architecture)
Doushio NodeJS + Redis Real-time features Moe
Mei Ruby on Rails + RDMBS Futaba-styled board on Ruby
Maniwani Python + Docker REST-API Futatsu
µchan Python + PgSQL + TypeScript + Memcache + Varnish Lightweight and scalable
Lainchan PHP + MySQL Fork of vichan Lainchan

Legacy, inactive or abandoned

Name Language/Stack Comments Notable deployments
MiniBBS PHP + MySQL simple textboard
Infinity PHP + MySQL deprecated in favor of vichan and/or infinity-next
Kusaba X PHP + RDMBS no updates since 2013 Operatorchan
Edaha PHP + RDMBS Fork of Kusaba X, no updates since 2013
Tinyboard PHP + MySQL Merorin
Futaba PHP + MySQL The godfather of imageboard scripts, used on 2chan
Futallaby PHP + MySQL Fork of Futaba
Wakaba Perl + RDBMS Inspired by Futaba and Futallaby
Kareha Perl + RDBMS Textboard-only version of Wakaba
Kareha-psgi Perl + RDBMS psgi version of Kareha
PyIB Python + MySQL Python imageboard

Development in foreign languages

Name Language/Stack Country Comments Notable deployments
Ponyach PHP + MySQL 🇷🇺 Kusaba styled imageboard Ponyach
Fukuro PHP + MySQL 🇷🇺 fork of Tinyboard Syn-Ch
Neochan PHP + MySQL 🇷🇺 fork of infinity Neochan
Kurisaba PHP + MySQL 🇷🇺 fork of Kusaba Kurisach
Fbe-410 PHP + MySQL 🇷🇺 Flower Bus Engine 410chan
Ololord.js NodeJS + Redis 🇷🇺 Javascript imageboard Allchan
Tumbach NodeJS + Redis 🇷🇺 fork of ololord.js Tumbach
Erlach Erlang + Websocket 🇷🇺 SPA Imageboad on WebSockets written on Erlang Erlach
Newneboard Python + Django 🇷🇺 python imageboard Neboard
Monaba Haskell + Yesod 🇷🇺 Haskell imageboard Haibane
Kropyva Python + MySQL 🇺🇦 Vichan styled python imageboard Kropyvach
Buryak PHP + MySQL 🇺🇦 Modern imageboard engine Fajno

Last forks of old board engines

Name Language/Stack Comments Notable deployments
Kareha* Perl + RDBMS fork of Kareha-psgi by Flameborn Kiramoji
Wakaba* Perl + MySQL fork of Wakaba by Emma
Tinyboard* PHP + MySQL fork of Tinyboard by Circlepuller
Futallaby* PHP + RDBMS fork of Futallaby by Nelliel

Closed source

Name Language/Stack Comments Notable deployments
Taimaba Perl + MySQL Fork of Wakaba 420chan

Other resources

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