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  1. ariadne

    An open source Ada wallet for users who need more

    Haskell 34

  2. importify

    👾 Importi.fy — it's like Uber, but for Haskell modules.

    Haskell 87 9

  3. universum

    🌌 Prelude written in @Serokell

    Haskell 74 17

  4. serokell-util

    Different functions which are used across multiple @serokell packages. Also contains style-guide.

    Haskell 38 13

  5. rocksdb-haskell

    Forked from agrafix/rocksdb-haskell

    Haskell bindings to RocksDB (http://rocksdb.org)

    Haskell 24 7

  6. lastfm_to_slack

    Bridge from Last.fm "playing now" over to Slack status


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