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🍺 The Purpose: Free Beer

Richard Stallman, the creator of the GNU/Linux movement & early proponent of Open Source Software made the distinction that Open Source meant "free" as in free speech, not free beer.

We believe there is room for both. Especially now with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Our vision is a digital world where artificial intelligence, software & access to information is free use and free of cost - a democratization of individual success.

We are on a mission to snuff out the companies & bad actors looking to monetize AI at the expense of the consumer and the industry they operate in.

We believe that by making all the tools free, there will be no room for capitalism to exploit the arts or capitalize on easy arbitraging of AI - when it is meant to be for everyone.

We need developers like you to help us build these tools!

We are committed to continuing to bring new models, weights, a cutting edge AI to you - but we don't have the bandwidth to turn them all into consumer facing apps - unless we work together πŸ’ͺ

It's time us developers & internet marketers worked together to restore some order back to the internet.

Be a part of something great, and watch your creations bring good to the world.

We need your help, if you're willing to lend it.

& free beer, for all! 🍻.

SERP AI: The Platform

Practically, is an ever growing, organized collection of all things AI. Tools, datasets, news, models, projects, research, books, courses, community - you name it.

If it's part of the AI movement we're interested. Our goal is to advance AI, help others participate & learn, and create software together that we can all benefit from and enjoy.

You can use to:

  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Learn and stay up-to-date.
  • πŸ™Œ Interact based on the latest trends in our ecosystem.
  • πŸš€ Collaborate with other developers you know and appreciate.
  • πŸ’Έ Contribute to the growth of the ecosystem, and get financially rewarded for doing so.

Get started:

  1. Create a profile at and get rewarded for your contributions to the website.
  2. Come hang out in the official Discord.
  3. Code with us; join the πŸ§™ Open Sorcerers and let's build cool things together than help the world around us.

The ironically beautiful thing about AI is that unlike us humans, it isn’t inherently motivated or influenced by self-interest.

It only knows what it has been trained on. What it was instructed to learn. What we give it.

If we train it with self-interest, malice, greed or even indifference - that will be the seed with which it evolves from. An almost inevitable beginning of the end of humanity.

But, if we teach it to know unbounded virtue & benevolence – we may finally see a glimpse of the true potential of the Godliness in humanity, as we watch AI accelerate solutions to the problems we face as a species.

To give us answers to the issues we have not been able to collectively solve ourself.

And to ultimately find a way to co-exist sustainably, unite our divided planet, and ultimately bring peace to our world - once and for all.

@devinschumacher | Founder @ SERP AI

Hope to see you soon. Stay funky, my friends. 🦩

devin schumacher


  1. Forked from suno-ai/bark

    πŸ”Š Text-prompted Generative Audio Model - With the ability to clone voices

    Jupyter Notebook 2.1k 272

  2. Repo for giving ChatGPT the ability to use web browsing, python code execution, and custom plugins

    Python 214 43

  3. Repository for Chat LLaMA - training a LoRA for the LLaMA (1 or 2) models on HuggingFace with 8-bit or 4-bit quantization. Research only.

    Python 135 8

  4. Your Very Own Personal "Iron Man Jarvis"

    8 3

  5. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Machine Learning Algorithms: A book of machine learning algorithms & concepts explained to simply, even a human can understand.

    17 5


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