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HTTP API & backend for SERP Connect
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SERP Connect


SERP Connect is a project that connects research results in software engineering with challenges the industry have identified using a shared taxonomy. In addition to search & match capabilities this web tool also features collections, possibility to experiment with taxonomy extensions and powerful visualizations which aid presentations and provide overview.

This repository contains the server (backend) of the project. It also contains the documentation hosted on read-the-docs.

Get Involved

  • Contributing: Pull requests are welcome!
    • Read
    • Submit github issues for features, bugs or documentation problems
  • Discuss: Talk to us and others over at slack


A full explanation on installing connect and the dependencies is included in the getting-started documentation.

git clone
cd connect
mvn compile exec:java -Dpippo.mode=DEV


  • Apache maven (mvn) link
  • Java SDK (1.8+)
  • neo4j database (2.3.X)


Default port is 8080, can be changed in the configuration file (

The config file is located: src/main/resources/conf/

Email templates are located: src/main/resources/conf/

We are using some maven plugins(?) to handle testing, execution and packaging:

  • to run (dev,default=prod): mvn compile exec:java -Dpippo.mode=dev
  • see debug level output: -Dorg.slf4j.simpleLogger.defaultLogLevel=trace
  • to clean: mvn clean (do this when in doubt)
  • to build: mvn package
  • to test: mvn verify

Deploying (production mode):

  • mvn package --> target/
  • unzip connect-X.Y.Z
  • cd connect-X.Y.Z
  • cp ~/path/to/ .
  • java -jar connect-X-Y-Z.jar

Got a secret config. file? Just copy it to the same folder as the jar:

  • cp /from/safehouse/ connect-X.Y.Z

Neo4j may require some tinkering to get working. You should try to get it running and log into the web interface. This will force you to input a password. Write username and password into the file.



Server doesn't support HTTPS, so put it behind nginx or something. HTTPS must be used to protect the password (sent during login) and session cookie.

Before running mvn verify make sure your neo4j server is dead. We have included a version to facilitiate testing during development, which is automatically started and shut down by the mvn verify command.

Remember to read-the-docs


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