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/\\  /\//\\/\ // reductio ad absurdum of *box minimalism
 \\\\\///\\\//\  commands chorded with alt
  \\/\/\\//\/ \\ see switch in code for mapping

tx handling in case 23:case 49:. x&y used mainly for window shuffling for stack's ABI. mz carries flag to cover for when user issues chord. mx&my used by mvsz. stack has subsections, designed to jumping to tail (hocus lifts x without shuffle; pocus B1 input focus)

tx for AltTab book keeping. Hassle is ephemeral lift, for maintaining general order (when choosing next window, put current one back). tx points to candidate window

MOTION_NOTIFY&BUTTON_RELEASE occur after mvsz. mZ stores mz's state in case stack executed between events. Oddities occur if AltTab during resize. mx&my are general registers anywhere else