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openEtG: An OpenWeb CCG

openEtG is an unofficial Open Web fork of the Flash game Elements.

Developer Instructions

Mac Installation

Open Terminal. All commands will be done in Terminal. You must have XCode installed.

  1. Install Homebrew
  2. Install required software: brew install git node redis
  3. Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/serprex/openEtG.git && cd openEtG
  4. Install atlas files: curl --compressed 'https://etg.dek.im/assets/{atlas.js,atlas.png,atlas.css}' -o 'assets/#1'
  5. Install npm modules and build project: npm install && npm run build

Mac Start/Stop OpenEtG

  1. Start redis server in the background: redis-server &
  • To stop the redis server run pkill redis, then press ctrl+c
  1. Start node http server and open the game: open && npm start
  • Since we open the page before the server has fully started, you may need to refresh the page
  • To stop the server, press ctrl+c in the Terminal

Windows Installation

  1. Download and Install the following:
  1. Clone the repository:
  2. Right-click inside the folder where you want the game files to go
  3. Click Git Clone to create an openEtG folder
  4. When prompted, use this URL: https://github.com/serprex/openEtG.git
  5. Install npm modules and global npm binaries:
  6. Shift+Right-Click on your openEtG folder
  7. Click Open command window here
  8. Run the command: npm install; npm install -g spritesheet-js
  9. Leave this command window open for later
  10. Run npm run build
  11. Download atlas.js, atlas.png and atlas.css and move them to the assets folder
  12. Start redis-server
  13. In the command window from previously, run the command: npm start
  14. Browse to and the game should work!

Note: When you edit code you need to npm run build to update the bundle.