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Matrix bot to help automate community moderation for server and room admins
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Signed-off-by: Serra Allgood <>
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Remember, life is only chaos for the fly

matrix-fly-paper is a Matrix bot based on turt2live/matrix-js-bot-sdk to help automate basic community moderation for server and room admins. Because it uses the Client-Server API, it is not necessary to run the bot on the homeserver itself and can be used by anyone who can grant room moderator privileges to the bot user.

Installation & Usage

v1.0.0 has not been reached. matrix-fly-paper is not recommended for use in production and has not been published to npm yet.



  • Automatically apply events to all rooms the bot is a member of
  • Automatically give a warning, kick, and/or ban to room members who violate a list of configurable regex
  • Access the server admin API through DMs


All original code is licensed under the Non-Violent Public License v1+.


Contribution in the form of bug reports and feature requests is welcomed in the form of submitting on the GitHub issues page, and pull requests will be reviewed following a corresponding issue being opened. Those interested in contributing must agree to follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

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