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Matrix bot to help automate community moderation for server and room admins
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I realized the initial project idea was too ambitious, and that
I'd honestly like to work on other projects more than this. This has
become more of an exercise in becoming familiar with the Matrix spec
and coding to it.

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Signed-off-by: Serra Allgood <>
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Fly Swatter Travis CI

Remember, life is only chaos for the fly

matrix-fly-swatter is a Matrix bot that uses turt2live/matrix-js-bot-sdk to help automate very basic community moderation for room moderators by automatically applying an event to several rooms at once.

Installation & Usage

matrix-fly-swatter is not yet recommended for use in production and has not been published to npm.


All original code is licensed under the Non-Violent Public License v1+.


Contribution is welcomed in the form of bug reports and feature requests by submitting on the GitHub issues page. Those interested in contributing must agree to follow the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

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