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Sertxu Developer

Programming is our basis

Hello everyone 👋

Sertxu Developer creates web apps and open source packages mainly in the Laravel ecosystem. We sometimes write tutorials too!

Our Open Source contribution

We love Laravel and whether we can contribute to the Laravel ecosystem.

Here are some of our open-source packages:

⭐ We've also built our own lightweight Markdown JS editor!

Our commercial products

We have some commercial products that help us continue to maintain our open-source packages:

  • Cuelist: Helps you coordinate your team in a live show.

You can help with our open source efforts in many ways: by resolving open issues or just by sharing our packages and products with your friends or colleges.

You can also sponsor our open source work via Buy Me a Coffee.


  1. Lyra Lyra Public

    Lyra is an administration panel for Laravel for bootstrap your app and turn ideas into reality.

    PHP 51 6

  2. laravel-translatable laravel-translatable Public

    Manage localized routes and use translatable models in a Laravel app.

    PHP 18 2

  3. laravel-sitemap laravel-sitemap Public

    Create programmatically a sitemap for your Laravel website

    PHP 4 1

  4. laravel-media-model laravel-media-model Public

    Attach media files to your Eloquent models

    PHP 11

  5. livewire-combobox livewire-combobox Public

    Add comboboxes to your Livewire forms

    PHP 2 1

  6. markdown-editor markdown-editor Public

    TypeScript 1


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